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Rug Repair & Restoration

Our craftsmen know the right restoration techniques for each type and style of rug.

Damage can happen quickly from an accident or longer over time from unnoticed conditions, like a mold or insects. Discoloration, excess wear, stains, mildew are just some of the possible problems. Treating a rip or a stain is very different than treating excessive wear or other damage.
There are many considerations that go into providing the right method to repair and restore fine rugs. Having knowledge about working with the materials used, the knotting style, backing type and many other factors is important for providing the appropriate repair or restoration method.
Our craftsmen know the right restoration techniques for each type and style of rug. We use only trained craftsmen who specialize in various weaving styles and natural materials. Each craftsman is skilled in matching the best restoration tools and techniques for the type of problem. The result is the best restoration possible.
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All repairs and restorations are made based on the style, patterns, techniques and materials of the original creation.

So whether it’s new or antique, contemporary, or vintage you can be assured that the repair or restoration will be done correctly and that the rug will be restored to as close to new as is possible. This will restore the beauty of the rug while increasing its value and longevity.
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